Irina Shayk was ‘shopped

Irina Shayk says GQ Spain Photoshopped her spread in their December issue to make her look naked without her permission and that she’s considering legal action.

“In every image photographed, Ms. Shayk was dressed in lingerie in the artistic and tasteful shots done by photographer Vincent Peters, but due to negligence on GQ’s part it seems as if Ms. Shayk ‘posed’ entirely nude, which is false,” said Elite Model Management. It said Shayk’s contract gave her approval over the interview and photos, but she “was refused that right by the publication.” GQ Spain editor Javier Fernandez de Angulo, who was present during the shoot, told Britain’s Sun, “The model took her clothes off completely naturally.”

You airbrush clothes off a girl, put the pictures in a magazine and distribute it to a few hundred thousand subscribers who scan it and put it on the web and all of a sudden you’re the bad guy. This world is topsy-turvy, I tell ya.

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