James Franco on the time he watched a gigolo have sex

For a split second, I thought he meant Juggalo and I got real excited because I’ve always wondered if Juggalos copulate like humans or divide like amoebas. Then I read it again and got a little disappointed after I realized it said gigolo. I got even more disappointed when it said he watched a gigolo have sex with a man.

James Franco was a guest on Inside the Actors Studio where he recounted the time he did research for his role on Sonny, where he played a male prostitute. Obviously, “research” meant he had to watch two dudes go at it in the back of a strip club.

“I found this guy that was kind of a perfect model,” Franco said. “He claimed to service both males and females. He took me on one of his jobs.”

At the time, Franco was studying for his role in ‘Sonny,’ where he played a male prostitute. To get a grasp for the part, Franco shadowed a gigolo in the back of a strip club, but things went a little further than he anticipated.

“The guy said, ‘Oh, you wanna play a prostitute? You want some real research? Then come with us,'” Franco recalls. “It went down. Everything went down, as you see in the movies and hear about. The eerie thing is, it was like a movie, but it wasn’t a movie — it was the real thing, happening in front of me.”

For whatever reason, I imagine James Franco just sitting there watching, high as hell and acting like that kid in David After Dentist. “Is this real life?,” he probably giggled, totally killing the mood.

I can’t embed because Hulu hates me so watch it here.

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11 years ago

what kind of world are we living in? Yuke

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