Charlie Sheen Just Had an Ear Infection

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you hear this crazy story that Charlie Sheen missed his Two and a Half Men call time because he was banging three porn stars in his hotel room at The Palms Casino in Vegas? Haha, crazy story, right?

Clearly it was a rumor that got out of hand because the real reason Charlie missed his call time was he had an ear infection. Sources say he should be on set Thursday for rehearsals and taping for Friday will proceed as scheduled. What? Don’t believe him? Would you believe it if his doctor confirmed it to TMZ? Because he did. He said Charlie has “a serious, ongoing ear problem.”

Whatever. The only ongoing ear problem Charlie has is listening to other people. You couldn’t get that guy on the right track if you chained him to it. An ear infection? He might as well have said his dog ate his driver’s license. “But you don’t have a dog,” someone will say. “I meant the hooker that I paid to act like a dog,” he’ll reply.

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Tabitha Fischer
13 years ago

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Web Domain
13 years ago

Nowadays in Hollywood, you do not know who to believe. Some people have said that it would not be surprising that Charlie paid off the Doctor somehow just to get a Doctor’s note to legitimize his inability to show up for work because of his “supposedly” binge drinking affair. Others say he in actuality was really ill with an ear infection. Will we ever know the truth! Film at 11:00

13 years ago

Earache my eye.

13 years ago

I bet he’s really regretting doing that third 8 ball now and not noticing the gay porn star mixed in with the other hooks