Charlie Sheen Was Laughing Too Hard

Hey, guys. Don’t worry. Charlie Sheen wasn’t in the hospital for a hernia because of years of drug abuse coupled with a 2 day cocaine and alcohol binge. He was just laughing too hard. He’s already out of the hospital and will return to Two and a Half Men on Tuesday like nothing ever happened.

Steve Brodersen, identified as Sheen’s friend by Extra, told the program that Sheen suffered a hernia injury while laughing too hard at the television from his home.

The report continues that Sheen may need surgery as soon as tomorrow to repair the hernia. Brodersen said that Sheen told him from the hospital bed, “I’m not dying.”

Wow. It’s like his people aren’t even trying. You expect a guy with millions of dollars to be at least a little more creative than this. To be honest, it’s a little insulting that Steve Brodersen thinks people are that stupid. Why, if I had half a mind…

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13 years ago

If I was getting paid as much as that no-talent schmuck, I’d be shitting my pants from laughing so hard! Or, he’s laughing at how many people watch that stupid, fucking, unfunny show!