Lindsay Lohan Rejected From Celebrity Apprentice

Lindsay Lohan needs a job because she’s broke which is why she wanted to be on Celebrity Apprentice despite having little business sense. While it would have been an amazing train wreck, Donald Trump nixed the idea. He told Life & Style:

“Lindsay has to straighten herself out first. And I know Dina, she’s a really lovely woman. I don’t think she gets very much credit — she’s tried. I know Michael a little bit. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay get straightened out.”

I still want to see Lindsay on the show. Even though she’d probably be eliminated in the first episode, it’d have been great to see her making blow job motions at Donald Trump’s son during the elimination in the boardroom to get his vote.

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10 years ago

She would have been accepted had there been a cock-sucking and whore-bagging category for the competition.

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