Minka Kelly’s GQ Outtakes

For those of you not blessed with the gift of sight, Minka Kelly is really hot which is why I’m required by law to post any pictures of her that show more than 50% skin. With the debut of her new movie The Roommate, it was bound to happen. And it did back in January. But The Roommate releases this week so GQ released a few outtakes from the shoot.

This is really unfair that not only has Derek Jeter run through half of the women in Hollywood but he also gets to be with Minka. What’s his secret? Is it a gun?

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Ur Momz
Ur Momz
12 years ago

What a dumbass, she shouldn’t be offering cats milk in pic #3, it gives them diarrhea! Poor cat being used as an accessory for retardation.