Lord Lame-Ass Scott Disick Can’t Stand Kourtney Attracting Attention From Other Men

S**t, Scott Disick is one of those ex-boyfriends, isn’t he? You know, the type that is ready to move on and meet someone new, but no fucking way is his ex-girlfriend allowed to meet other men? It’s like he still wants his ex to stay on the backburner just in case things don’t work out with his next fling. Yeah, not surprisingly, this is Scott Disick.

Last week, Kourtney Kardashian’s sexy photo shoot with GQ Mexico was published to the admiration of all. And it seems those hot pictures were noticed by former One Direction band member, Liam Payne. The 25-year-old Payne was not at all shy about showing his appreciation and posted a flirty comment on one of her Instagram pics: 


Yes, “wow” indeed.

However, the word is that Lord Fuckface Disick is not amused. Here is what a source from Hollywood Life had to say:

“Scott feels a tinge of jealousy over Liam’s flirty comment with Kourtney.”

“Scott has always thought Kourtney was really attractive but when a big celebrity reminds him of how sexy Kourtney looks, Scott takes notice.”

Basically, Scott is that bratty five-year-old kid who doesn’t want a toy anymore, but if someone else shows interest, he’ll be damned if someone tries to take it from him.

Despite already dating Sofia Richie (who is much too good for him), His Majesty the Asshat still can’t stand the fact that the mother of his children is more than capable of getting some action. Especially when the recognition is coming from someone more famous and talented than himself. Sir Shithead needs to quit whining like a little bitch and thank God that somehow a 20-year-old model deigns him an appealing partner, and let his ex have her fun.

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