Update: Ricky Gervais Invited to Host the 2012 Golden Globes

This is for those who actually believed they’d ban Ricky Gervais from hosting the Gloden Globes because he made fun of a bunch of porcelain skinned actors. That’s not how Hollywood works. The ultimate deciding factor was and always will be ratings. And ratings were up again for the Golden Globes this year.

That’s why the organizers asked Ricky to host the Globes for the third time in 2012. Gervais isn’t sure if he wants to though. Not because he fears retribution but because “I don’t know what I could do better. I certainly couldn’t get more press for them, that’s for sure. You know me. Two seasons is enough.”

Well, I don’t know about that. I’m sure if he sits down and takes time to think about it he can come up with something. Maybe instead of backhanded compliments, he can literally backhand every presenter in the balls or breast before they take the stage.

Update: Philip Berk, head of the HFPA, said no one asked Ricky back. Berk said in a statement, “There is no truth to this rumor. We have not asked him to come back. Nice try, Ricky.”

A spokesperson for Gervais responded, “Ricky is horrified that people think that he had said the HFPA had requested him back. He never said this. He said that the show’s organisers, in this case — NBC, called him and said he should not rule out a return for a third time. Ricky at no point mentioned this was the HFPA and called Philip Berk earlier today to explain this to him.”

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