Charlie Sheen Might Have Killed a Dog

Earlier today, Charlie Sheen tweeted: “We must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH-neese POOR-ards. a vile kidnapper and now dog thief. hate. SBW c”

If you couldn’t decipher it, the tweet was directed at Denise Richards who won’t give Charlie her pug which he wants to use as the mascot for his tour bus. Mainly because there were originally two pugs and Charlie may have been indirectly responsible for killing one.

Sources say back when Denise and Charlie split, Charlie took custody of the two pugs, which Denise had before they married, so the kids could play with them when they visited. After Charlie got all chair throwy at the Plaza hotel in NYC leaving a hooker fearing for her life in a bathroom, people started telling Denise no one was taking care of the dogs, that they were malnourished and neglected. Denise went to Charlie’s and were given back the dogs but one of them died of malnutrition.

I wouldn’t give it back either. That dude is insane. As previously stated, he wants it back as a mascot for his tour bus. Knowing Charlie, this probably means putting a wizard’s hat on it and tying it to the grill on the front of the bus.

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Turkisch Yoghurt
Turkisch Yoghurt
13 years ago

When I grow up, I want to be just like Charlie Sheen

13 years ago

hes an idiot!