Qantas Airways Employees Are Not Fans of John Travolta

An inflight safety video introduced by John Travolta for Qantas Airways is getting flight attendants and pilots all huffy. They say Travolta’s 35 second appearance in the three and a half minute video is “corny” and “tacky.”

They are lobbying Qantas execs to reshoot the video using a “real pilot.” By which they mean, not a celebrity who flies private jets rather a normal person who flies commercial planes.

I really don’t think it matters. Passengers don’t care one way or another. They may get a little interested when they see Mr. Movie Star on screen but those headphones are going back in their ears when the flight safety portion starts to roll. Who pays attention to the safety instructions anyway? Not me. I live on the edge! Emergency oxygen? Ha! Don’t even know what that means.

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10 years ago

Fly the Gay way And Never Deny it!

10 years ago

Much ado abt. nothing. The crew is upset cuz it’s too light-hearted…Well, aren’t there airlines that dance to the flight instructions? Also, doesn’t Southwest sing Happy Birthday to its passengers, or let people rap over the intercom? No one has any problems with that.

Qantas needs to chill and stop being such fuddy-duddies.

10 years ago
Reply to  Chewy

No one has any problems with that? God, I hate that sort of juvenile tackiness in an airline. I want to know the cabin crew have been employed because they won’t panic in an emergency, not because they were the best at singing happy birthday!

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