Heather Morris in a Bikini in Women’s Health

Glee’s Heather Morris makes an appearance in Women’s Health’s June Issue and talks about how she keeps her body looking so damn incredible. You’ll never guess her secret. Lots of exercise. *Gasp, Faint*

Originally slated to be an instructor for the cast on Glee, Ryan Murphy took note of her charisma and timing and put her on the show. Now she’s big and famous. Morris explains her figure, “I take a lot of exercise cardio classes. I do a ton of squats.”

She also doesn’t count calories. Her motto is, “Do whatever you like to do, eat how you want to eat, but just make sure you stay [active].”

Wow. Sound advice from a celebrity. What planet am I on where I don’t hear one mention of “cleanse” or complaint about body image issues. If this was Khloe Kardashian, she’d whine about all of those while shoving donut holes into her mouth.

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