Naya Rivera’s New Book Calls Out the Cast of ‘Glee’, Here’s Some of the Dirt

Naya Rivera’s partial burn book on the Glee cast, called Sorry Not Sorry, looks like it is promising to be every bit as passive aggressive as it sounds.

It’s promising details on Lea Michele, Big Sean, and the cast. It comes out Sept 8th, but if you can’t wait that long, here’s a preview of some of that dirty laundry from ONTD via @NayaRiverasNews.

-Lea Michele throwing bitch fits and halting production locked up in her trailer. Naya, who of course was ready, asked Brad Falchuk to deal with it and he exploded on her. She told him he was bad at his job.

-It covers all those rumors Lea spread about her to the media:”So I guess you can throw a bitch fit, lock yourself in your trailer & stall production, yet still find time to leak stories to the press.”


-Apparently Big Sean was so moved by Cory’s death that he grunted out a ‘damn that sucks’ and went right back to sleep.

-She was trying to plan their wedding and Big Sean wouldn’t do s**t.

-At one point she and Big Sean were fighting and she showed up unannounced at his house to find Ariana Grande chillin on his couch.

– He stole back the Rolex he gave her as a gift.

-She found out their wedding was off from the fucking internet.

-Contrary to rumors, she only threw sludge on Mark Salling’s car and didn’t key it.

Wow, Naya Rivera sounds like a real winner.

More of the details from this Twitter account, which apparently is leaking the best parts.

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Karissa Conway
Karissa Conway
7 years ago

Lea did not spread any rumors to the media

7 years ago
Reply to  Karissa Conway

How do you know she didn’t!?

Jed Martins
Jed Martins
7 years ago
Reply to  BooBooBaby

BEcause the rumors were bad for both sides, why would Lea spread something that would make her look bad?

7 years ago

You mean Naya cherrypicks details to address her bad press over the years.