6ix9ine is Snitching on Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, Claiming They Bought Their Billboard #1

Now that he’s out of prison, Tekashi 6ix9ine has a new single out and he is very mad it’s not number one on the Billboard charts. The first week it was out Doja Cat promised to show her boobs “really hard” if ‘Say So’ hit number one, which it did. Unfortunately for the arm of simps who were buying and streaming it nonstop for a week, she didn’t deliver.

6ix9ine’s new single ‘Gooba’ was stymied a second week when Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande teamed up for a charity single that took the number one spot.

Obviously Tekashi took this like an adult, accepted his reality and moved on.

Or, you know, he went on a rant about how Ariana Grande cheated him by buying 30,000 copies of the single at the last minute, something that hasn’t been substantiated.

I don’t know why he’s so upset, he’s not even number two, he’s still behind Doja Cat.

Grande had some words, though, insisting all their sales were to fans and Billboard only counts four purchases per customer to the chart.

She suggested anyone with a problem with the song hitting #1 “humble yourself,” which is something I don’t see a dude with a 69 face tattoo doing.

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