Want to See Doja Cat Naked? Buy Her New Single

YouTube / Doja Cat

Doja Cat burst onto the scene with ‘Mooo!’, one of the most strangely endearing songs I’ve ever heard. You’d think you’d get tired of hearing her just repeat “bitch I’m a cow” while anime boobs jiggle in the background, but you would be very, very wrong, my friend.

Doja Cat has a new single out, and with it she’s rolled out an interesting marking tactic to go with it: if her single hits number one she’s going to show us her boobs.

I don’t know how you show someone your titties “really hard,” but I want to find out. And I am clearly not alone.

I don’t doubt that there’s an army of simps, I’ve been on Twitter, basically 90% of the posts are thirsty dudes simping for a girl (not Doja Cat) who would generously be described as an Ohio 7.

Seems like her strategy is working.

Imagine what the world would look like if we could harness horny for something constructive.

I mean, I get it, though. Like, I understand it. Go buy the damn single.

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