Rache McAdams Engaged?

Us Weekly has an exclusive photo of what looks to be a diamond ring on Rachel McAdams’ wedding finger. They ask if this means she’s engaged to Michael Sheen. Then a sentence later they say no, it’s just a ring. Cool story, bro!

In an exclusive Us Weekly photo, the Morning Glory actress, 32, showed off a brand-new ring on her wedding finger while out and about in L.A. on Sunday. Alas, it’s just a ring! A source close to McAdams tells Us she is “100 percent not engaged.” Sheen’s manager similarly denies the couple of about 10 months are headed for the altar.

So basically all Us did was get an exclusive photo of Rachel McAdams wearing a ring. Did they pay $500 for this? Because it seems totally worth it. Like my diamond encrusted Rolex that reflects so much light I can’t even tell the time.

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