George Clooney Dumped Elisabetta Canalis Over Marriage

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out George Clooney isn’t the marrying type so it’s no surprise to find out the reason for Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis’ breakup was over the topic of marriage.

Just hours before the tempestuous bust up last week the couple had enjoyed a romantic dinner at their favourite hillside restaurant where onlookers said they resembled ‘cooing lovebirds.’
But the atmosphere became very different when they returned to Clooney’s villa where he was enjoying a few days off from shooting his latest movie in London.
Sources said the Ocean’s Star flipped after being being ‘pressed’ about marriage by Canalis – who two weeks ago had given a gushing interview about how she was ‘living a fairytale’ and hoped to wed the actor. [Daily Mail]

Later in the article, it said Clooney and Canalis got into a big fight over George not going to Mexico or Cannes with her which caused her to storm out of her villa and go to Milan to visit her friends. Well, if she’s going to act like that, why would George want to marry her anyway? There are a bunch of cocktail waitresses waiting to be his girlfriend. Don’t think you’re the only one, little missy.

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13 years ago

The bitch didn’t know her place.