Jake Gyllenhaal Is on ‘Man Vs. Wild’

Bear Grylls and Jake Gyllenhaal (hoo boy, that’s a lot of l’s) traveled to Iceland to spend time in the wild and attempt to survive. Spoiler: they did. In between coffee and donut breaks, Jake even faced his fear of heights head-on. As for food, they tried to eat a dead sheep but couldn’t because it was rotten. No matter. Just talk to craft service and they’ll get you some lamb shank. For shelter, they dug a hole in the snow and had hot chocolate before falling asleep together. Wow, this is getting gay pretty fast.

Later, they took their shirts off, held hands and had a romantic stroll through ice water. Things get sort of awkward when the cameraman zooms in on a shirtless Jake while he got dressed. The cameraman snaps out of his bromance and pans to Bear to try and play it off.

So if you want to watch two dudes bond over hot chocolate and a shirtless romp through water, check out the five parts after the jump.

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