Doug Hutchison Hacked, Technologically Impaired

Last Friday, Gawker released a few emails purported to be from 51-year-old Doug Hutchison negotiating appearance fees with a radio tour producer for his 16-year-old wife Courtney Stodden.

Jeremy Baumhower, the producer, contacted Courtney Stodden using the email address on her website. He wanted to get her on a radio publicity tour to promote her country music. Samuel L. Jackson, Stodden is not.

Doug, Krista, Courtney,

My name is Jeremy Baumhower and I am the executive producer of Mass Media Prep, which consists of 660 radio morning shows across the country. We would LOVE to get Courtney, or any combination of you three for a radio tour. A tour is back to back interviews via the phone with the biggest shows in the country. We would ask for 2-3 hours and you would be in front of 10 to 20M people. We would make every show play Courtney’s music and you can promote anything you wish. Please call me when you get this email. Congratulations on your wedding!!


Hutchison wrote back demanding $3 million to appear. Baumhower told Doug he didn’t have those funds and was just trying to help her music career. Hutchison responded, “Too bad,” and replied with “we want money,” after Baumhower wished him luck.

As it turns out, Dough Hutchison may have been hacked. He told Radar that all his email accounts were “corrupted or compromised” or whatever techno-lingo movies use nowadays and wants everyone to know someone is pretending to be him.

“I was hacked, and anyone that is receiving questionable emails that are rude, blatantly crude or are saying we want money, please know that they are not from me,” Doug implored.

Being the clueless old man he is, Doug says he bought a new computer in case the hacker somehow had access to his old one. If you’ve ever been around a computer, you’ll know that’s not how it works. Doug continued,

“I’ve changed my password, my security question, nothing seems to work,” Doug said. “So I surrendered – I cancelled all of my AOL accounts that I’ve had for 13 years.

Well, shoot. What’s Doug going to do with that collection of AOL free minutes CDs now? Looks like he’ll have to switch to a new ISP. Sigh, oh how he’ll miss the comforting sounds of his dial-up modem. At least he’ll still have his Netscape Navigator.

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