Sofia Vergara Does Vanity Fair

Here’s Sofia Vergara in Vanity Fair just in case you’ve forgotten how amazing this woman with a 19-year-old son looks. She’s bordering on 40 but makes Tara Reid look like a crack whore. Ha, who am I kidding. Richard Simmons could make Tara Reid look like a crack whore.

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Cinema Nostalgia
10 years ago

She still retains a certain girlish charm although very curvaceous. She’s got a great sense of humor as well and can easily laugh at herself.

Some guy
Some guy
10 years ago

I can’t decide if I’d eat a mile of her s**t just to smell her pussy, or drink her bathwater…hmmm

Dark Ikon
Dark Ikon
10 years ago

Sofia is very beautiful and looks genuinely friendly and happy.

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