Kat Dennings Is a Self-Proclaimed Weirdo

Kat Dennings stars in the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls where she plays 1 broke girl, a waitress with “anime sextoon proportions.” Hey, why am I not watching this? Kat also did an interview with GQ where she was adamant that we all call her a weirdo. Fine by me.

Kat Dennings is hammering home that she’s a weirdo the way other actresses cake on their down-to-earthness and frequently indulged desire for In-N-Out burgers. “I don’t think I’m a weirdo in a bad way, there’s just a lot going on in my head,” she says. To be fair, she’s fielding a question as to why she’s called herself “weird” in just about every medium available—there was her recent tweet (“People are weird. Boys are weird. Men are weird. Love is weird. You are weird. I am weird. Life is weird. Weird is weird. Look, a MINOTAUR!”), multiple posts on her blog proclaiming her oddball status (“As you are undoubtedly aware from reading this endless omnibus of redonkulousness, I am kind of a weirdo”) and then, just minutes into in our phone conversation, she labels herself “a weird one” yet again. GQ

We get it, you are a unique flower. Just don’t call her quirky. She hates that. “I hate that damn word!” Quirky is what a guy would call a girl he doesn’t understand.”

Uh oh, Zooey Deschanel may take issue with that. She made her career on “quirky.” That is to say, my manufactured celebrity feud begins now. Fight fight fight! Take off your tops! *Throws dollar bills at Kat and Zooey* *Runs over to pick them back up*

Previously: Kat Dennings gets nekkid.

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Stick to porn
Stick to porn
10 years ago

Weirdo, yes.  Big tits, yes!  Funny actress?  No.

10 years ago

Someone is trying a little too hard to get some attention.

“Look at me! I’m weird! Please pay more attention to me because I’m going to claim to enjoy weird things and pretend life is weird! 
Purple goldfish! I glue gummi bears to my labia! Whoop! Whoop! I’m weird! Look at me!”

Ever notice how the true weirdos and crazies never need to advertise it?
Crispin Glover (schizophrenic)
David Lynch (eccentric)
Angelina Jolie (just plain old batshit insane)
James Woods (neurotic)

10 years ago

i like Kat, yes she is a oddball but thats what i like about her, besides big boobs and weirdness go hand in hand.

9 years ago

“Self-proclaimed” is the key word there. She’s plain to me, and to be honest, she doesn’t look good with those humongous tits… I mean, if she were taller or something. Her face is rather plain, and she’s not funny. She’s like Kristen Stewart’s lost twin sister with all that bitterness and teenage angst.

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