Carey Mulligan Was High on Red Bull

In an interview with Vulture, Carey Mulligan talks about how she’s so vanilla that she was almost once arrested for weaving around the road in downtown LA because she was high on Red Bull. *Sighs, shakes head*

I used to drive him to and from work when we were doing the movie — I didn’t work very much on Drive, I just came into work and stared at Ryan Gosling occasionally — and one day we shot until two in the morning. I’d never had Red Bull before, and I had, like, six of them that night, and I was like, “This is THE BEST THING, EVER!” So I was freaking out. We got in the car at the end of the night, and I had been wearing these shoes that really hurt, and I had pink fluffy slippers in the back of my car and I put them on; meanwhile, Nic had got sent a bunch of free tracksuits by Puma, so he had been wearing Puma tracksuits to work every day, and he looked hilarious.

So we got in my white Prius and we were driving out of downtown Los Angeles back to where he was living with his family, and I was trying to do the navigational thing while he was sitting next to me — he cannot drive, he’s made a film about driving, but he cannot drive — and I’m so wired on Red Bull that I think my head’s going to burst, so I’m, like, veering around in the road. There’s no one around, it’s two in the morning, but suddenly there are flashing lights and I get pulled over. The policeman comes round and I roll down the window and he tells me that I was weaving — which I was, since I was trying to figure out my nav guide — and I’m sitting there in my pink fluffy slippers, Nic’s sitting there in his Puma tracksuit looking like a drug addict, and the policeman’s like, “What are you doing?” And I say, “I’m not drunk I just had seventeen Red Bulls!!!” And Nic’s like, “We’re making a mooovie.” It was so uncomfortable, and the cop just looked at us like, we’re making a movie, really? We looked ridiculous. Thank God he didn’t want to do the paperwork and he let us go.

Wired on Red Bull while driving a white Prius. Jesus, this chick is boring. If you put sprinkles on her ice cream, she’d probably have a heart attack.

Here she is at Bondi Beach with her Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire and I kid you not, the caption on her photos read “Carey Nulligan gets a fit of the giggles as she discovers a sock on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.” Daaaaw. She’s so cute. It’s like she grew up in a bubble.

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