Everyone Hates Jennifer Lopez

If you never wanted to buy a Fiat before after watching J.Lo scoot around in one, you’ll really not want to now.

We already knew Jenny From the Block never want back to the Block to film her Fiat commercial. Her scenes were shot in LA instead of the Bronx like the commercial implies. A body double was used for the New York scenes. “This is my world. This place inspires me,” says Lopez in the ad. “They may be just streets to you, but to me they’re a playground.” Turns out her real playground is actually a green screen.

Now Lopez’s commercial is drawing more ire. This time from a group of graffiti artists known as the TATS Cru who says Fiat used their “I love the Bronx” mural without permission. Wilfredo Feliciano, a member of the group, says, “Everyone started congratulating us on the commercial and we’re like, what commercial?” They have since contacted a lawyer.

A spokesman for Fiat says they’re looking into whether they appropriately secured the image which is legal speak for “aw, sh*t, how much do these guys want?”

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12 years ago

Isn’t the mural painted on the street in public view? Why would anyone need to secure rights to it?