Michael Jackson Regularly Wet the Bed

Conrad Murray alleges in the documentary, Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship, that Michael slept with a baby doll and regularly peed the bed. The documentary, which aired in the UK last night and in the US tonight and Monday, covers two years from Michael’s death through Murray’s trial.

“The bedroom that he slept in I had to persuade him, eventually to have it cleaned,” Murray said in the film. “He peed the bed. It did not smell good. It was mildew, and I had to get it clean.”
Murray said Jackson urinating in the bed may have had to do with psychological issues saying, “Who would ever believe that a man his age would still be wetting his bed?”
In the doc, Murray also claims that Jackson referred to propofol, the anesthesia believed to have killed him, as “milk.”
“He asked me, ‘Please, please, Dr. Conrad … I need some milk so that I can sleep. If I don’t get any sleep today, I cannot perform, I cannot do anything,'” Murray said, according to reports. “He was pleading and begging me to please, please let him have some ‘milk,’ because that was the only thing that would work.” Page Six

If you didn’t find Michael Jackson creepy before, you will now. Imagine that guy in his frightening baby voice begging you from his pee stained bed to give him more “milk.”

Murray’s lawyers, Ed Chernoff and Michael Flanagan, also make many allegations about Jackson in the documentary.
“Explain a 50-year-old man who sleeps with a baby doll and has pictures of basically infants to 2-year-old children looking at him every night?” Flanagan’s wife asks at one point.
Chernoff responds, “I think the media made him appear weirder than he is.”
“You gotta be kidding me,” said Flanagan. “He can’t be any weirder than he is.”

Let me amend that previous statement. How creepy would it be to stand in a room full of pictures of toddlers looking down at you while MJ plead in his soft baby voice from his pee stained bed for milk. If I was Murray, I’d have backed away slowly at first and then ran the hell out shrieking like a little girl.

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Capt. Obv.
Capt. Obv.
12 years ago

A lot of those weird, rich fuckers’ rooms smell like piss.  Didn’t Hef’s ex’s say his whole upstairs smelled like old man piss and dog s**t?  How glamorous !!! 

12 years ago

Murray has proven himself to be a liar before so what makes u think he isn’t lying now? he is trying to switch roles and place the blame on Michael when Murray was the negligent doctor.

12 years ago

hee! hee! hee!  After listening to the fairytale Conrad Murray told detectives just 2 days after Jackson’s death, what he told paramedics and then the doctors in the hospital, etc., etc., anyone who believe Anything Conrad Murray says automatically qualifies for the “World’s Most Gullible” and “World’s Biggest Dope” awards.  The guy changes tales as often as most of us change clothes.

11 years ago

First of all its all a dam lie, he was paid quite a pretty penny by mj to set this up. I have seen mj at work, he is a liar, cheat, manipulator, and has to buy people to be his friend. he said he wanted a normal life, then he comes here to ontario to hide and becomes his past again. He has no clue how to live a good normal life. he misuses the gift God gave him and has never helped who God wanted him to help. he has made fake friends believe in him not to… Read more »