Sofia Vergara Had a Terrible Publicist

Sofia Vergara is nearing 40 but she looks fantastic and her body is killer. Especially her 34DD’s. Everybody loves those. Except for maybe her jealous publicist who suggested she get a breast reduction so people would take her seriously. What the insanity?

Q: Was there a time you didn’t love how you looked?
A: Oh, of course! Not everybody’s confident their whole life. For a long time, I thought that my boobs were too big and I was, like, 14 years old, and I already had these huge boobs. I was very skinny also. And now that I’m almost 40—we always have our insecurities as women. We’re never happy!

Q: Can you remember the day you started realizing, “Wait a minute, I think I’ve got it going on!”
A: In Latin America we do learn to be more comfortable with our bodies. Women are not shy to be in a bathing suit, in a G-string. But I also did a TV commercial for Pepsi when I was 17 on the beach in a bathing suit. And after that, everybody was like, “Oh my god, that body.” And you know, you start to feel a little bit more confident if you have people thinking that you’re so fabulous! [Laughs]

Q: I guess it helps to have a cheerleading squad.
Of course, of course! When I moved to America, I was more voluptuous, and I felt a little different. And one time, years ago, I remember my publicist [at the time] told me, “I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody’s going to take you seriously here.” My mother almost had a heart attack. She was like, “God is going to punish you! You can’t cut your boobs!” I don’t regret not doing it, because now it’s become a big part of Gloria. Health

Are you kidding? I almost had a heart attack too while reading this. Thankfully, they’re a now former publicist. But to be safe, she should tell everyone their name so we can shun them from Hollywood. Breast reduction? Why, if I had a white glove, I’d slap that publicist in their boob-ist face right now.

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10 years ago

And where is this dimwit publicist now?

10 years ago

Hey, what do you think the doctor would have done with the leftovers — plump~up Joan Rivers face?

mr out-of-touch-with-reality
mr out-of-touch-with-reality
10 years ago

I’m sure that publicist was shot.  What an idiot.  Now, if she would just respond to my offer to be her personal body washer….oy!

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