JWoww Launched a Fragrance

Have you ever wanted to smell like sweat, despair, mediocrity, yeast, spray tan and plastic surgery byproducts? Then have I got news for you. JWoww just launched her new fragrance at K-Mart, the only store that isn’t doing well enough to be convinced to carry it.

Her website describes: ‘A fresh, fruity-floral scent with a sensual, musk undertone.’

The perfume contains top notes of citrus and pear accompanied and will be sold in a set with shimmering body lotion. The Daily Mail

The only thing I can think of when I read “JWoww” and “musk undertone” is stale vagina. A dab of this and a muscley, over-spray tanned guido with too much product in their hair will be trying to hump you in no time. It’s like a¬†pheromone¬†for d-bags.

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NJ sucks
NJ sucks
12 years ago

MMM…the smell of cheese, used rubbers and ass.

12 years ago

Adrianna from Sopranos 2.0