Marc Jacobs and His Boyfriend are at the Beach

Marc Jacobs and his ex-boyfriend Lorenzo Martone may be getting back together. The two hung out in St. Barts over the holidays. I guess Marc Jacobs dumped his Brazilian porn star boyfriend and is working on patching things up with this guy.

A spy who saw them on Grande Saline Beach told us, “They were not being affectionate with each other, but could their love be rekindled?” Jacobs told Vogue in a January profile that he’s remained “best friends” with Martone. “We speak to each other, I don’t know, six times a day,” he told the magazine. A rep for Jacobs didn’t get back to us, and Martone didn’t respond to e-mails. Page Six

The caption for these pictures say they’re wearing speedos but, uh, it looks like they just took their pants off. Is that allowed? Because when I did it, it didn’t go over so well with beach patrol. Though me thrusting my hips in front of the sunbathers might have been part of the problem.

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