Selena Gomez’s Mom Miscarried

Selena Gomez was set to welcome a new sibling when tragedy struck over the weekend. Her mom had miscarried. This was to be mom Mandy and stepdad Brian’s first child together. The two married when Selena was 5.

Selena has canceled two appearances over the holidays to spend time with her family. Hopefully Justin Bieber doesn’t show up while she’s at home. There’s no need to pile on the misery by reminding everyone Selena is dating that dork.

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10 years ago

Good. How about you write articles about people who break their backs every day for money you can’t even support yourself on, who have way worse problems than these idiots. Oh no! Something went wrong! We MUST tell the world! They want to know! They must know! Your pain makes me smile.

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