Demi Moore Smoked Something Not Marijuana

TMZ released Demi Moore’s 911 call (listen here) where it’s pretty clear she wasn’t suffering from “exhaustion” but from smoking something, “not marijuana.” I’m assuming they’re talking about a synthetic marijuana like spice which is sort of legal. When paramedics were on the scene, one of the friends added that Demi was doing whip-its.

Capt. Jaime Moore with the L.A. City Fire Dept. tells TMZ … the FD redacted portions from the tape. Sources in the City Attorney’s office tell us references to specific drugs and other substances Demi ingested were redacted because of privacy issues. As TMZ first reported, one of the friends at Demi’s house told paramedics she has been using whip-its — nitrous oxide. TMZ

An earlier report adds that Demi has been suffering from a Red Bull addiction for years. Sources from Red Bull North America say they make regular deliveries of cases of the stuff to her place. Demi even drank Red Bull instead of eating food and drank a massive amount of it two weeks ago at a party.

It’s now proven. Demi Moore has transformed back into a 16-year-old. In about a week, she’ll be writing goth poetry and trying to find a pharmacy that’ll sell her the morning after pill.

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Dave K

With all of her money and connections, why is she smoking gas station weed? Can’t she get her hands on some decent stuff?


word shes in LA i dont think all the medical marijuana is sold out in cali 

stupid old cunt 


Nice article, she’s really hitting a bad patch. She needs to get some help , or some real actual drugs instead of whippits and spice … not good for ya.


Oh okay finally I find the article where this is mentioned lol Dave K lmao that’s what I was thinking but I guess she didn’t want to have the real stuff in her system…When you’re under pressure in the media I’ve seen it can make you do some crazy shit. Why is no one even saying it’s a good thing she didn’t do real drugs? Like every other actress!! 

He Brews
He Brews

She was smoking some old cock, getting ready for her big comeback.  When was her last movie???

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