Gerard Butler Flashed His Penis at Sister’s Wedding

Gerard Butler told Graham Norton that he wore a kilt to his sister’s wedding in Paisley, Scotland and had to do a reading with his mother and family in the front row. As with tradition, he wasn’t wearing underwear. You pretty much know where this is headed. *Points to crotch*

“As you know in Scotland there’s a certain rule to wear a kilt so I’m sitting like this (legs open) and everyone’s leaning forward and my mom’s looking at me and she’s doing this (puts hands together) and I think she’s telling me to pray… and then I realize everyone is staring right (at my crotch). So I (cross my legs)… It’s always a disaster.”

Naturally, the other men at the wedding started whispering to each other about how big of a whore Gerard Butler was. One of them even fake coughed while grunting “slut!” The Scottish are so catty.

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12 years ago

Wheres the pic?

The Blemish
12 years ago
Reply to  TwigandBerries

Got to use the power of your imagination.