Arianny Celested Naked on a Balcony in Miami

I’m not sure how I missed this, but shots of Arianny Celeste walking around completely naked on her balcony came out the other day. Check them out here (NSFW obvioulsy). It was… alright I guess. She’s properly stacked but her ass leaves something to be desired. Not that I’m complaining about a quasi-model who thinks it’s a good idea to walk around outside wearing nothing.

Before you whine about invasion of whatever, I doubt she was expecting any privacy. You don’t walk around your balcony in the buff and expect no one to see. She probably spotted the paps and went, “Yoo hoo!,” and repeatedly thrust her hips back and forth to get their attention. Sort of like what I do when I’m outside Megan Fox’s house and want to get her all hot.

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