Joan Rivers Got High on TV

For whatever reason, Joan Rivers has her own show on WE. It flew under the radar until last night when Joan bought medical weed and got high in her car with her friend Lynne. They wind up baked and hungry but Lynne can’t drive because operating machinery while stoned is the most confusing thing ever.

They end up calling her daughter Mellisa Rivers who gets all pissy and says she’s ashamed of both of them. Yea, yea, Officer Buzzkill, why don’t you stop at that food truck over there and get us some burgers. Melissa tried putting them to sleep at home but that didn’t work. She should have tried the old pillow over face trick. Works every time. In any case, Joan and Lynne end up in the hot tub fully clothed motorboating around the water. Which I guess is expected for a 78-year-old who’s high as balls.

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12 years ago

This made my day.Man is she gonna catch hell for this

12 years ago

Does anyone know when the new Joan and melissa is back on on E if you know please email me on [email protected] or find me on facebook elliemay hooper thanks xx