Charlize Theron Casually Dating Alexander Skarsgard

According to this Us Weekly (via Page Six) report, Charlize Theron went on her second date with Alexander Skarsgard earlier this month at West Hollywood’s Soho House with friends. “She rested her head on his shoulder and they looked very couple-y.” A source says they’re involved but not on their way to becoming a couple. “It isn’t serious. And no, he has not met the baby.” Page Six might as well come out and say it. Theron and Skarsgard are casually banging. High five, Skarsgard.

The National Enquirer adds that their first date was at Hollywood gay bar Gym Sportsbar. Why a gay bar? According to a source, “They figured no one would notice them at a gay bar.”

Obviously that was a great plan since being one of the only two people of the opposite sex flirting with each other at a gay bar is usually very inconspicuous. They might as well have come in with a pinata filled with condoms.

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