Melissa Etheridge’s Ex Can’t Live Off $23,000 a Month

Tammy Lynn Michaels, Melissa Etheridge’s ex-gf, says she’s barely getting by on the $23,000 a month she’s paid in child support. This gilded toilet paper doesn’t buy itself, you know.

Recent court documents reveal that Tammy is petitioning to have her monthly support raised citing that Melissa makes around $177,882.00 per month and it’s just not fair that she only gets $23k of that for doing absolutely nothing. And because she does nothing, she has “virtually no savings.” Except for those diamond encrusted elephants. But you can’t even really call those investments.

It’s not like she can get a job either. Tammy says she’d need “extensive retraining” if she were to rejoin the workforce. As in, she’d need to be reintegrated with society by learning how normal people function. “You mean the cereal you eat isn’t fortified with the bones of baby pandas?!”

In addition, Tammy alleges Melissa brainwashes their kids to be emotionally distant and rude to her. They won’t even hug her anymore. Of course, this has nothing to do with Tammy coming off as a huge b*tch.

Tammy also claims Melissa swears around their kids citing one instance where Melissa told Tammy to “get the f*ck off my back” in front of them. Gasp! Why won’t Melissa think of the children?

Why is Tammy claiming all this now though? Well, the two are going into a settlement conference in May to figure out support and custody issues so Tammy needs to show she’s the better mom if she wants a raise in child support. Oh and Tammy also wants Melissa to pay her $120,000 legal bill. Because, hey, it’s not like she can make herself look any worse.

TMZ says calls to Melissa were not returned.┬áNaturally. It’s pretty hard to pick up the phone when you’re doubled over laughing hysterically.

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10 years ago

Times are tough when people live on 30K a year
G T F O H!!!!

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