Julianne Hough Will Keep Taking Stripper Classes

Julianne Hough talked to Glamour Magazine about her role in Rock of Ages where she plays a wannabe actress in the 80s who turns to stripping. She said she loved playing the part because the costumes were so gross that they were glorious.

‘We’re not making fun of the 80s but we’re living it up with the choreography and the music, and the humour is out of this world. When we were in wardrobe and testing I’d be like, ‘Oh this is gross. It’s perfect!’ ”

She also had to learn how to pole dance and was surprised by how difficult it was.

”It’s really hard and the strength needed is incredible. When I was practicing, my arms were ripped – I’d never had that much definition before.

”One of my friends tried it too and she loved it, so we’re going to take stripper classes together.”

Of course, she said this with a nod and a wink knowing a few guys would probably read that quote and this was the only way to get them to see a musical starring Tom Cruise.

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