Kelly Brook Offered $1M to Spend the Night With French Tycoon

Kelly Brook is gorgeous so I’d expect rich foreign businessman regularly offer her a million dollars to sleep with them as was the case here.

During a photocall at the Majestic Barriere hotel, a French businessman, only known as Frederic, interrupted the photo session to hit on Kelly Brook. He offered her a $1 million check in return for a one night stand.

At first, Brook thought she was being pranked by Lemon, whose film she’s promoting at Cannes, because no one can be thaaat pathetic. But then the 30-something Frederic kept hassling her and then tried to grab her shouting, “Just one night! Please, one night! I have money!”

That’s when Kelly realized this wasn’t a joke. A bodyguard came, escorted the man away and kicked him out of the hotel.

Geez, man. Have some dignity. Stare at her from outside her bedroom window at night like the rest of us. At least offer her more than $1M. That’s a slap in the face right there.

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Picka Name
Picka Name
12 years ago

:))))) I thought “Man, that must’ve been some hot fella to make her offer him a million!! Can’t she get laid w/out paying anybody???” Hey editors, invest in some careful wording next time, will ya?! :D