Sheryl Crow Has a Brain Tumor

At a recent concert, the 50-year-old Sheryl Crow told the audience that she has a brain tumor. *In best Schwarzenegger voice* It’s not a tumah! I mean, it is a tumah!

Don’t feel bad for Sheryl though. While it sounds like it’s pushing up on her brain like a creepy guy’s crotch on a girl’s ass in a club, it’s not going to kill her. Though it won’t let her see into the fourth dimension either.

The tumor is a meningioma, a typically benign tumor that develops from the protective linings of the brain and spinal cord. In other words, her body can puff up it’s chest and yell at it, “Come at me, bro,” without worrying that the tumor will actually come at it. Bro.

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9 years ago

only you can make having a tumah funny. i hope haters don’t come at you, bro

The Blemish
9 years ago
Reply to  imafan

I think that only happens when I call Demi Lovato fat.

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