Sheryl Crow Blames Her Brain Tumor on Cell Phone

Sheryl Crow was on Katie Couric’s new show where she blamed her benign pinky-sized brain tumor on excessive cell phone usage. She said the tumor was in her “cell phone area.” Adding, “I do have a┬átheory┬áthat it’s possible that it’s related to [cell phone use].”

Oh, good, another celebrity with a theory. A theory that hasn’t been confirmed by doctors. She and Jenny McCarthy should get together. Although, Sheryl’s theory may be more grounded in science than McCarthy’s ever will.

She tried to tie the tumor and cell phone usage together saying, “[in the] early early days when I was promoting my first record, I did hours of phoners on the old archaic cell phones.”

So was Crow’s tumor caused by excessive cell phone use? Sure, it’s actually entirely possible it may have been. But let’s ask Arnold Schwarzenegger for a second opinion. “It’s not a toomah!” Well there you have it. Case closed.

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