Robert Pattinson Packed Up and Left

As tears roll down a thousand Twihards’ faces and onto their cats, PEOPLE reports that Robert Pattinson has packed up and moved out of the home he shares with Kristen Stewart.

Meanwhile, sources are saying Kristen Stewart is penning a private apology letter to Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross because I’m sure reading a note from the girl who’s taint your husband licked will help things immensely.

Yet another source says Kristen and Rupert never actually had sex which I take it to mean they just made out a lot. What is this? At least tell me there was a dead hooker in the trunk. Come on. Are we in Hollywood or high school?

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11 years ago

i read this today and i thought i was dreaming, thinking was a fake new like a circus, people are acting strange and doing strange things, if i was the guy with this crazy s**t i would never talk to her again.

Jada sumners
Jada sumners
11 years ago

She is so stupid for doing what she did to robert