Diddy Will Be the Third ‘American Idol’ Judge?

American Idol recently signed Mariah Carey to be a judge effectively replacing Jennifer Lopez who left after FOX wouldn’t give in to a pay bump. Randy Jackson isn’t leaving any time soon because he makes millions doing the easiest job in the world, ie. saying two lines, “yo, dawg” and “it was a liiiitle pitchy.”

So, there’s one, maybe two more slots to fill on the show. That’s where Sean “Diddy” Combs comes in. Producers are said to¬†have reached out to him but there’s been no comment from either side as of yet.

Hopefully they get a response soon because the engineers on the show need time to develop a custom pop filter so Diddy’s mouth-breathing doesn’t keep distracting everyone.

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Racist States of America
Racist States of America
9 years ago

No way well maybe Mariah’s there
But three blacks and Ryan?
We barely got a black president in…

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