Everyone Thinks Macaulay Culkin Is Dying

A few days ago, Macaulay Culkin’s estranged dad and stepmother told the Sun that they think Culkin is losing a battle with heroin. That or he’s suffering from a disease.

“Oh, gosh. Kit has seen the photo, but he can’t talk about it,” Jeanette Krylowski told The Sun. “He just can’t, because it hurts him too much. Of course he’s worried, he’s incredibly concerned.”

“When I saw the photos I thought‘Oh no, this is not good. Either he’s dying of some disease or he’s heavily into drugs.’”

They aren’t sure which considering they haven’t talked to him in 15 years. Suffice to say, their credibility is about as good as any guy off the street.

Then on Wednesday, The Enquirer claimed that, during a vacation in Bali with Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis called Culkin begging him to check into rehab. Culkin was said to have played dumb pretending to not know what Kunis was talking about.

“So Mila had an assistant track him down on the phone. When she final­ly heard Mac’s voice, she burst into tears.”

The “Black Swan” beauty, 29, “poured out her heart” to Culkin, 32, over her wor­ries about him, said the insider.

“Then Mila begged Mac to seek treatment at rehab,” the insider continued.

“She desperately tried to make him understand that it was not too late for him to get well.”

If he wasn’t shooting up heroin before, he sure will now. I imagine the least helpful thing for an addict is to get a call from their ex while she’s living her fantastic life with her douchey boyfriend having sex everywhere. Probably right then. While on the phone. She might as well stick that needle in him herself.

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11 years ago

HAHA…Mila calling mack and letting him know that he needs to get help? What a cunt..she has some damn nerves calling him… And Ashton needs to stop playing the hero role. Why the hell would he send Mila to call mack while they were out fucking in some hotel? Ashton just wanted Mack to go even more crazy. He knew that Mila and mack were together all those 8 years..yet..he would call her and text her…little flirty texts..mila would tell mack, “we just good friends, He is like a big brother to me”. (SURE)..I feel sorry for Mila..when Ashton plays… Read more »

11 years ago

This is on of the least informative and craziest pages that I have ever seen.

11 years ago

You are a lousy and uneducated writer. No professionalism whatsoever.