Liberty Ross Wants to Work It Out or Divorce

Depending on who you read, Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross will or will not file for divorce. So, do you want to believe Celeb Daily News (huh?) who says a friend close to Ross told them, “She insisted that the best thing for the both of them was splitting. She doesn’t think she can live with someone she can’ trust, but she still loves him.”

Or do you want to believe TMZ whose sources tell them Ross’ ultimate goal is not divorce despite hiring a divorce lawyer. Sources say the two were leaving a family therapist’s office when they were seen together on Tuesday.

Although Liberty is not wearing her wedding ring, we’re told her goal is figuring out why Rupert cheated and getting some sort of assurance he views what he did as a terrible mistake that he won’t repeat.

Figuring out why is the easy part. He wanted to get some of that 22-year-old ass. Finding out if he realizes it was a terrible mistake is the hard part. That depends entirely upon how far he got with her. It’s a sliding scale. Say Rupert only got to third base. Then, yea, he’s really sorry. But if he got anal? Forget it. He’d be about as sorry as Christina Aguilera would be for stealing a pie from a windowsill.

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11 years ago

Oh hun,liberty, dont be stupid if he cheated once with a very young women, what makes you think he wont do it again? Huh?