This Carl’s Jr. Commercial Is Way Better

In 2005, Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was about as hot as a colonoscopy.

In 2009, Audrina Patridge’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was a move in the right direction but they made the mistake of letting her talk.

In mid-2009, Padma Lakshmi’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was a little too high brow.

In late 2009, Kim Kardashian’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was just a sex tape with one of their salads.

In early 2012, Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was when Carl’s finally put their finger on the pulse of America.

Now in late 2012, it looks like Carl’s has finally hit their stride casting Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski in a girl on girl Carl’s Jr. ad.

The ad execs were probably in their boardroom at the 11th hour frantically asking each other what could be better than a hot girl in a commercial dripping with sexual innuendo. “We need something revolutionary!,” said an exec. Then, one ad man who had been sitting quietly throughout the commotion casually observing, uttered three simple words that would change Carl’s Jr. advertising forever. “Two hot girls.” A few seconds of stunned silence later, a slow clap began. “You did it, man! You cracked the code!”

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Jenny Steed
11 years ago

No one has done a better Carl’s Jr. commercial than Audrina Patridge! It’s such a shame she doesn’t look anything like that anymore. Reduced Audrina is a shadow of her former incredible self. The new commercial with Sara and Emily is tasty enough to get me to try Carl’s Jr. again :)

braden woods
braden woods
11 years ago

Sara Jean Underwood is HOT HOT HOT!