Zach Galifianakis Wants His Privacy, Angrily Points at Photog

While leaving a convenience store in Vancouver, Zach Galifianakis was swarmed by paparazzi and people wanting autographs. According to FameFlynet, Zach “blew up at the photogs” asking them to stop taking pictures. As you can see, they did. After they got bored.

That’s the problem with being a comedian known for dead panning most of your material. Eventually it becomes hard to tell if you’re really serious. Like in this case. When Zach started pointing at the photogs and shouting at them, no one was sure whether or not this was a bit so they shrugged their shoulders and kept snapping pictures. “Haha, look at the funnyman,” they probably giggled to each other.

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Hank Snasser.
Hank Snasser.
9 years ago

Great. Another celebrity spotting. Boring as usual. Has it really come to this? The poor guy is probably just trying to have a nice walk and then these dumb pop culture crazed idiots harass him. We are in trouble if this is news.

Earl Frankburg
Earl Frankburg
9 years ago

What do they expect the guy to do, pose? The dude is walking and then you throw cameras in the dude’s face. I am amazed more photographers do not get punched. I actually saw Zack give a photographer a black eye once and take his camera. It was at the LAX airport in a parking lot and the photographer was threatening to sue Zack and he smashed his camera on the ground and stomped on it (it was just an iPhone) and then got in car and drove away.

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