Taylor Swift Won’t Perform for the Deaf

Back in late August, 4Chan decided to troll a Taylor Swift Campus contest in which she’d perform for the school with the most Facebook posts. They chose the Horace Mann School for the Deaf as the lucky school. It was similar to how Pitbull got trolled into playing for fans at the most remote Walmart in the world in Kodiak, Alaska.

However, unlike Pitbull who was a really good sport about it, Swift and sponsors Papa John’s and Chegg removed Horace from the running due to how it got its votes. Which seems really silly because word of mouth is how any school would have won this contest. Though that’s not to say Horace was entirely screwed.

While they won’t be able to watch Taylor mouth off about her ex-boyfriends (oh, I know, what a loss), Swift did personally donate $10,000 to the school which was matched by the two sponsors in addition to Cover Girl and American Greetings. VH1’s Save the Music program also donated $10,000 for instruments for students. Not only that, Swift promised a ticket for each student the next time she comes to town to perform.

All in all, the school made out pretty well with $50,000 in donations. It was almost enough to soothe the sting of Swift saying, “F*ck these deaf kids. I’m not playing for them.” Okay, she most likely didn’t say that.

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9 years ago

Screw you, you nasty. F**ks. Every kid at the school is getting free tickets to see her(if you don’t like her I understand) but they are getting 6 times the money that they would have gotten if she performed there. If you think that is a loss for the school,or a bad thing go crawl down the rat hole you live in. She took an embarrassing. Situation because there was a clause were she could walk away. But did more than any one coud ask of her.

The Blemish
9 years ago
Reply to  truth

Who said it was a bad thing? Of course money solves everything.

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