Candice Swanepoel’s Stomach Is Ready for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Two days before the hotly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Candice Swanepoel posted a picture of her stomach on Instagram with the ┬ácaption, “Two days left till the #VSfashionshow rrraaauuwwwr!” All of a sudden, a few jealous girls appeared.

“It’s quite obvious the girl is bulimic,” one of them said while another wrote, “It looks like the African kids… only missing the number you need to call to donate.” First of all, half the time the African kids in those commercials have distended stomachs.

Second of all, shut up. Her stomach looks fine. What? You expect her to be stuffing her face with pie while clacking away on a keyboard? This isn’t Friday night, you know. I mean, do you honestly think a Victoria’s Secret model would risk looking bloated two days before the year’s biggest supermodel catwalk show that millions of guys perv out to? How many rhetorical questions do I have to ask before you get it?

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11 years ago

I’m sorry, rhetorical man, but that picture looks like a Barbie doll that has been turned around backwards at the waist. Just sayin’

11 years ago

eat a freakin burger