Katt Williams Led Cops on a Tricycle Chase

To be fair, comedian Katt Williams wasn’t exactly riding a tricycle. It was a three wheeled motorcycle. I guess the imagery is slightly less funny. Anyway, cops say they saw Katt driving his motor-tricycle on the sidewalk in Sacramento on Sunday and tried to pull him over.

Katt was having none of it and sped off. Police chased him for several minutes with Katt driving all over the place including the wrong side of the road. At one point Katt shouted at the cops, “I’m not going to stop!” Which is definitely not as good as, “You’ll never catch me, coppers!” while honking a horn on a tricycle.

Police eventually gave up the chase for public safety reasons but are planning to ask the DA to charge Katt with felony evasion.

But they shouldn’t because this sounds embarrassing. Headlines will read, “Katt Williams led police on a tricycle chase and won and now the cops are running to mommy to try and charge him.”

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