Obama Is Your New Old President

As you may have heard, last night there was something called the election and there was this guy Obama who won by almost more than 100 electoral votes.

Donald Trump and Victoria Jackson were none too pleased about it. Donald threw a Twitter hissy fit while Victoria Jackson couldn’t stop crying because America just died. Despite stomping his feet in 140 characters or less, we all know Trump secretly loves that Obama won because he can troll for 4 more years. I’m pretty sure he actually voted for him for just that reason.

More importantly, however, is both Colorado and Washington have legalized the rational use of up to one ounce of marijuana. Fitting considering where Mile High City is.

Also, Diane Sawyer was either drunk or really tired last night.

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9 years ago

Diane Sawyer’s meds are wearing off, or kicking in, or maybe her plastic surgery is rebelling.

Donaldo T. Davisini
Donaldo T. Davisini
9 years ago

The Leader of the Free World once again is a BLACK MAN! AFRICAN-AMERICAN!! This is the way we beat y’all at your own game. Who needs 40 acres & a mule when we will now take the cuntry and make it a country! Have some “Jim Crow” pie with that lemonade Mr. Romney.

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