Second Elmo Accuser Says No Penetration

Cecil Singleton, the second guy to claim an underage sexual relationship with Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, clarified today that, while he was wined and dined after meeting Clash on a gay sex chat line in 2003, they did not have sex.

The two only engaged in “groping, masturbation, intense kissing and dry-humping.” Singleton said they only had sex three years later when he became legal. Cecil added that he was the one to break off the relationship because he didn’t think Clash could handle it. Now he wants $5 million because he’s suffering psychological and emotional issues. What issues exactly? Every day he’s tormented by the fact he didn’t get a six figure payout. What Clash did to him left him with an emptiness that can only be filled with large bills.

Up top are a couple of the images that have been uncovered on Singleton’s MySpace account. A caption that accompanied the left one read, “So if I decide to take erotic pictures, or flash my ‘poonanie’, it is my prerogative & there isn’t a damn thing wrong with it.” Suffice to say, if I never saw those two pictures in my life, I would have been okay with that.

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8 years ago

Think I’m gonna be sick…

Broke Queens Suck
Broke Queens Suck
8 years ago

I like how damaged these gifted and paid victims are.
Credibility dissolves after gifts, monies and trips have been accepted..
Total Bull S**t!

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