You Will Have Your Robot Boxing

First there were Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, then there was Real Steel and now there’s a new series on Syfy called Robot Combat League which will bring robot boxing to reality. Finally, the achievement man has always dreamed about.

Here’s how this show got started: Last year, veteran reality producer Craig Plestis teamed with robotics expert Mark Setrakian to pitch Robot Combat League to Syfy. Setrakian’s resume includes developing life-saving robotic systems and creature effects, animatronics and control technology for such films like Men In BlackThe Grinch and Hellboy. One early test featured a robot attacking a Volkswagen Beetle that was hung in the air. “The robot was hitting it, it was tearing the mirrors off and breaking the windows,” Stern says. “At every step we got closer and closer.”

The show debuts Feb. 26 and it sounds sort of lame but sort of awesome. All I ask is that we have Chris Brown be one of the robots.

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9 years ago

I have been waiting for someone to come up with an idea like this! With Chris as the host this is a shoe in for the best show on syfy to date! Looking forward to February!!!

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