Third Elmo Accuser Says Clash Loosened Him Up With Alcohol

Elmo’s third accuser filed his lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan today and, naturally, TMZ has the documents. As already stated in the other post, the two met on a gay phone chat line when he was 16 and Clash was 40.

The lawsuit has more details though. It says Kevin Clash plied him with alcohol and “groomed him.” I’m not sure if that means he was preparing him for gay sex or actually combing his hair. Because that would be kind of weird. Maybe he’s really into cleanliness. It is next to godliness though. Just like anal penetration.

The document goes on to say there was “oral sex and digital penetration of John’s anus.” Once again. Confusing terms. I first read that and thought “digital” had something to do with computers like some weird virtual reality sex or whatever or with robot sex but then I realized they were talking about fingers. Sheesh, lawyer guy. Is it so hard to write “fingerbanging?”

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